Re: [Evolution-hackers] Google Calendar sync

Hi Harish,

Sorry to be a bit slow responding. I am finishing up my degree and
moving over the next few days.. :)

On 4/22/06, Harish Krishnaswamy <kharish novell com> wrote:
>       *  Let everybody know you are working on it and pen your thoughts
>         on  You might attract a few helping hands.

I don't have an account here and there doesn't seem to be any way to create one.

>       *  The GW calendar backend (which uses GroupWise SOAP APIs) or the
>         http backend would be nice references to model your design on.

Great. The Calendar API is XML over HTTP, so while it isn't
specifically SOAP, it should lend itself to a similar design. I'm sure
the GW code will be a great help.

>       * Let me know how much time/effort you plan to put into this and
>         if you would like it to be added to the 2.8 roadmap.

I would like to get a full-fledged plugin working that allows using
Google Calendar from Evolution. I'm willing to do it myself, but the
problem is that over the next few weeks my schedule is quite erratic
as I'm travelling around Asia for a while. I'll be at GUADEC though,
and would love to hack on it then. I'll probably get some done before
then, but with all the travelling I can't say how much.

As for the 2.8 roadmap, I'm not sure. 2.8 will be the GNOME 2.16
release, right? It would definitely be possible to get the backend
done by the end of the summer, I'm sure, but I'm not sure how it would
fit in to the evolution release schedule and so on. I was planning to
just work on it by myself for a while, and then once something is
working, solicit suggestions on patches. So that may or may not fit
into the 2.8 release timeline. If it lives outside Evolution for 1
release that might not be too bad. Right now I think we should play it
by ear.



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