Re: [Evolution-hackers] Google Calendar sync


On 4/22/06, Armin Bauer <armin bauer desscon com> wrote:
> we had similar ideas about the google calendar. I am workin on the
> opensync synchronisation framework. The framework already supports a lot
> of devices and protocols like Evo2, KDE, Palms, IRMC, SyncML and more. So
> i we would have a google calendar plugin for opensync, we would get
> instant access to all of these. So i am also very interested in seeing
> synchronisation with google and would be willing to contribute.

OpenSync does indeed sound cool. I think I'd still prefer to have
something directly inside Evolution that can talk to Google Calendar,
though, to keep things as simple as possible for users. However, I
would not be opposed to writing the code in a modular enough way that
the Google Calendar parts can be split into a separate library for use
in OpenSync. Does that sound ok? Definitely having Google Calendar
accessible from OpenSync would be cool for syncing to Palms and

Have fun,


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