Re: [Evolution-hackers] The Junk folder & API


On Sat, 2005-05-28 at 23:03 +0200, MDK wrote:
> I'd like to improve the evolution-mail indexing feature of Beagle
> ( to support the Junk folder (so that "spam" e-mails
> in Evolution would not get indexed in Beagle). I'm wondering how one can
> check (outside of evolution) if a mail message belongs to "Spam" or not.

As it stands today, Beagle does not use any Evolution APIs for mail.

For local mail Beagle parses only the mbox file, and Evo stores the
flags inside the summary.  So Beagle can't get at this info for local

For IMAP, Beagle parses the summaries but doesn't do anything with
messages marked junk.  A check in the mail backend for that flag for
IMAP would be pretty easy to add.

I know there is work being done in 2.4 to make mail more accessible to
outside apps, so going forward we'd like to use those in Beagle rather
than poking around at private data like we do today.


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