[Evolution-hackers] The Junk folder & API


I'd like to improve the evolution-mail indexing feature of Beagle
(www.beaglewiki.org) to support the Junk folder (so that "spam" e-mails
in Evolution would not get indexed in Beagle). I'm wondering how one can
check (outside of evolution) if a mail message belongs to "Spam" or not.

Basically: let's say we have a evolution user with one pop3 account
(managed by evolution, no MTA). He has spam assassin installed and spam
filtering turned on. He has 10 messages in his inbox - 9 of them spam.
As I see it now, his messages reside in ~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox in
mbox format. The problem is, all the 10 messages are stored here, but
somehow evolution knows that some of them are spam (and they're
displayed in the "spam" folder). Where is the spam/nospam information
actually stored? I always thought it's in the e-mail headers, but it's

Is there any API to check that? I peeked at the evolution-data-server
APIs but could not find anything relevant. I'd be greatful for links to
any documentation about that. 

Currently the beagle evolution-mail backend checks for spam by analyzing
the folder name of the message (the folder name is extracted from the
actual filename of the mbox file). But this is plain wrong (for most
setups) as the "Spam" folder is not really a folder (vFolder???). 


Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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