[Evolution-hackers] Correct way to determine IDL API version for EDS


We have been hard at work updating our XC Connect connector for Evolution to
support Evolution 2.0/EDS.  The connector is pure Java using CORBA to
interact with EDS.  Thanks for the great work on the EDS API by the way, it
has made this connector substantially easier to implement then the 1.4

However, we have hit a small problem though in that we do not know what
CalFactory and BookFactory versions to ask for depending on the version of
Evolution.  For example, Evo 2.0 uses IDL API version 1.0 whereas Evo 2.2
uses API version 1.2.

Is there a 'proper' way to go about this?  We realize we could look for the
OAF configuration files ourselves, parse them and handle it that way, but
these can be in a variety of locations depending on how Evo was installed
and how Gnome was installed.  Is there a way to ask the activation-client to
return the most recent version of an object?

The activation-client commands we are using look like this:

activation-client -s


activation-client -s

Alternatively, is there a file that is always present in a specific location
that we could look to for this information?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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