[Evolution-hackers] [Evolution] How does the "Form based Authentication" implementation in Evolution work?

Hi there!

First of all sorry for nerving, I already asked this at evulotion, but nobody was able to give me a tip :-(

I know my question is a bit off-topic, but since I didn't find any
useful information I thought maybe I could ask here since Evolution has
an Exchange-WebDAV connector and also supports FBA as far as I know.

I have to connect to an Exchange server and playing there a bit over
webdav, however since form based authetication is enabled I first
autheticate my client with a HTTP-POST of

to https://exchserver/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll.

After I connect to owaauth I get Status 302 and 3 cookies namely:
Cokie Number: 0  sessionid=dec63e8e-e504-45e3-bd5a-c76b6403b7ef
Cokie Number: 1  0x409=
Cokie Number: 2

As far as I know everything is ok till this point.
But if I know try to send an request to the exchange-server I just get
an HTTP-440 timeout (which means that the server does not acces my
cookies) and the server even deletes cookie number 2 (cadata).

I've tried nearly anything, but I am just not able to find out whats
wrong. All the infos I have are from:
http://www.infinitec.de/exchange/howtos/webdavwithfba.aspx , but since I
use Java in conjunction with jakarta's httpclient I cannot just copy and
paste the code :-(

Any ideas or suggestion, I don't know howto proceed any further
withought help :-(

Btw, this is the data transmitted, logged via Ethereal:
1.) Ask owaauth for authetication :
    The post-data transmitted at owaauth:
2.) Anser from owaauth: http://www.kewlstuff.de/exchange/answer.png
3.) Request to Exchange: http://www.kewlstuff.de/exchange/request.png

lg Clemens Eisserer, higher technical school steyr

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