Re: [Evolution-hackers] ETree and gal

On Tue, 2005-05-10 at 15:54 +0200, DINH Viêt Hoà wrote:
JP Rosevear wrote :

> >   I have some fixes for the example of ETree.
> > And I am planning to use ETree in my own application (because 
> > GtkTreeView/GtkTreeModel) have huge performance problem.
> > I am also planning to add some API (either by not modifying libgal or by 
> > modifying libgal). I would like to know if development of libgal is 
> > opened to changes ?
> We are about to kill development of gal outside of Evolution because no
> one else is currently using it.

I was about to use that in my (open source) application.
Should I duplicate the code of GAL into my code ?

Ugh.  I'd highly recommend against it.  You're entering a world of pain ...

We want to try to kill etree as soon as we can; i'm almost inclined to just drop in gtktreeview ASAP, and then hope that this just forces the gtk+ maintainers to fix the performance issues.

Apart from multiline select scaling miserably, if you use a custom model, and not the weird supplied models the performance isn't that much worse than etable.

(by the way, in the examples, of ETree, e_cursor_init() is missing at 
the initialization).

> >   Mainly, I wished to do something more dynamic than creating tree 
> > by giving a XML configuration. Then, I want to add some more API to 
> > modify the tree (column layout) at runtime.
> You should be able to do both of these now iirc.

GAL had the advantage of being LGPL and not GPL.

As opposed to?  Evolution?  I dont see the files changing license, but I also don't see it being usable outside of the tree, if we can help it.

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