Re: [Evolution-hackers] ETree and gal

JP Rosevear wrote :

> >   I have some fixes for the example of ETree.
> > And I am planning to use ETree in my own application (because 
> > GtkTreeView/GtkTreeModel) have huge performance problem.
> > I am also planning to add some API (either by not modifying libgal or by 
> > modifying libgal). I would like to know if development of libgal is 
> > opened to changes ?
> We are about to kill development of gal outside of Evolution because no
> one else is currently using it.

I was about to use that in my (open source) application.
Should I duplicate the code of GAL into my code ?

(by the way, in the examples, of ETree, e_cursor_init() is missing at 
the initialization).

> >   Mainly, I wished to do something more dynamic than creating tree 
> > by giving a XML configuration. Then, I want to add some more API to 
> > modify the tree (column layout) at runtime.
> You should be able to do both of these now iirc.

GAL had the advantage of being LGPL and not GPL.

DINH V. Hoa,

"après l'escrime, je prends toujours mon nesquik-fromage blanc" -- VoisinZ

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