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Not Zed wrote:

Solutions :
1. For the exchange specific operations, we would have menu items in all components. We can have an account specific menu item, which would be present only when a particular account type is enabled. This menu item would have a list of sub-items which would actually be the tasks. [ Guess, there is already some thought on these lines ? ]

I'm strongly against context sensitive main menus. They shouldn't hide
and show menu items depending on account.
Hmm, if a lot of things are going to have to be added, it might be the only practical solution?

Yeah, there are quite a few which are for exchange, like ... Change exchange password, subscribe/unsubscribe folders, Folder Size, Out of office, Delegation, folder permissions, add-to/remove-from favourites. May be even disabling the menu items if the account is not active sounds like a good idea. A few of these operations might get executed only when a exchange folder is selected anyway. So, i was thinking that we could have plugins for getting the folder context and perform these operations.

2. Favourite folder management can be done as “subscribe to folders” is currently handled. User sees the list of public folders there and can check/uncheck them to mark/unmark them as favourite folders. This would be another menu item.

Is there any particular reason that this can't just be done through the
current "Subscribe to Folders" interface? I would greatly prefer
minimizing the possibility of new menu items. It's already large as it
is, and plug-ins don't really help the matter. :)

It may be possible, but the subscriptions window and mechanism would need some tweaking. Although with a bit of thought I imagine they could both be done through the same window somehow. Not trivial however.

We would want to be able to view all the public folders in this view. These public folders can be any type, not just mail, as the subscription window assumes now. So, yeah, its not so trivial and would need tweaking. We also need a way to communicate with the exchange storage which stores the exchange folder hierarchy, that can be displayed here, thats why i thought that having a plugin would make it easy perhaps.

-- Sarfraaz

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