Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: UI changes for exchange

> Solutions :
> 1. For the exchange specific operations, we would have menu items in all 
> components. We can have an account specific menu item, which would be 
> present only when a particular account type is enabled. This menu item 
> would have a list of sub-items which would actually be the tasks. [ 
> Guess, there is already some thought on these lines ? ]

I'm strongly against context sensitive main menus. They shouldn't hide
and show menu items depending on account.

Hmm, if a lot of things are going to have to be added, it might be the only practical solution?

> 2. Favourite folder management can be done as “subscribe to folders” is 
> currently handled. User sees the list of public folders there and can 
> check/uncheck them to mark/unmark them as favourite folders. This would 
> be another menu item.

Is there any particular reason that this can't just be done through the
current "Subscribe to Folders" interface? I would greatly prefer
minimizing the possibility of new menu items. It's already large as it
is, and plug-ins don't really help the matter. :)

It may be possible, but the subscriptions window and mechanism would need some tweaking.  Although with a bit of thought I imagine they could both be done through the same window somehow.  Not trivial however.

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