Re: [Evolution-hackers] Sending mails using disabled accounts

> > > Philip, Brett, can you try the Guenthers suggestion on using account
> > > only for sending (and having it enabled). That should work fine as well.
> > 
> > Huh.  That works just fine to enable the accounts.  I could swear that
> > it used to be, if the account was enabled, that it would show/clutter up
> > the folder list -- that appears to no longer be the case (or else I just
> > remember wrong, and am imagining that it ever was the case ;).

Yes, it works to *en*able the account, but this is by no means a way to
disable an account temporarily. Setting Account Type = None will lose
all previously entered data in this tab. Besides, it is way too much
hidden to make this useful to the average user.

Regarding "showing in the folder list": No way. Even accounts with
Account Type = POP3 don't show up in the list. I don't know what you

> Once it wasn't possible to set the receiving type to None. It looks like
> it's possible now and this feature enables the possibility to enable
> such a send-only E-mail account indeed.

Which version are you talking about? I do use this Account Type for

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