Re: [Evolution-hackers] Compiling evolution-jescs on SuSE 9.3

> > > btw, your "real name" is way too long and no name anyway...
> >
> > Name got lost in converting message from html to text - in the avoidance 
> > of snide comments about sending formatted messages to text mailing 
> > lists... got the snide comments anyway.

Err... Sorry, maybe I just got this wrong. :/  English isn't my mother
tongue, and I just was told a perfectly plausible explanation on IRC --
which unfortunately is not, how I understood this in the first place.

> HTML mail? Dude, neither me nor you sent HTML mails. [1] If you got
> HTML, your servers are messing with the mails.

I'm sorry for that comment, then. Just ignore this part please, and let
us focus on solving the build issues again.


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