Re: [Evolution-hackers] Compiling evolution-jescs on SuSE 9.3

> > From packages?
>  From SuSE packages. Installed via YaST.

> > Evolution CVS HEAD needs e-d-s CVS HEAD, not the stable one...
> You need to be more verbose here

You are trying to build an unstable CVS HEAD version, right? And it
tells you, you are missing dependencies... Well, CVS HEAD often depends
on CVS HEAD versions of its dependencies, not stable versions.

Anyway, I can *not* be any more verbose, unless you post the error

> >> Do I need more?
> >
> > Yes, you need to be way more verbose, if you want us to help you.
> >
> > btw, your "real name" is way too long and no name anyway...
> Name got lost in converting message from html to text - in the avoidance 
> of snide comments about sending formatted messages to text mailing 
> lists... got the snide comments anyway.

HTML mail? Dude, neither me nor you sent HTML mails. [1] If you got
HTML, your servers are messing with the mails.


[1] See the raw text archives:

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