Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: Strange console messages when accessing e-d-s through the libecal C API

On 8/24/05, Not Zed <notzed ximian com> wrote:
> My original reply said this was probably because the code isn't running
> in a main loop.  It therefore has no proper way to handle idle-processed
> return corba calls if they come in after an invocation returns.  I think
> the eds objects use idle-return processing for its calls, not threads.
> I got the same problem when i was testing the mail-remote api from a
> simple client, until i ran things in a mainloop.  This started when i
> added listener objects and they started being called.
> I don't think it's a bug in the code so much as a mis-use of it.

Hi Not,

Just a question, as long as we run the mainloop once before exiting
(using the hack you mentioned earlier in an at_exit hook) and we don't
use listener code, will we be fine?

In case we want to add listeners, can we run the mainloop in an
entirely seperate thread? If so, in wich thread will the callbacks be

Thanks for your great help!

  V. Seguí

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