[Evolution-hackers] Re: Strange console messages when accessing e-d-s through the libecal C API

Hi Michael,

On 8/23/05, michael meeks <michael meeks novell com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 17:45 +0200, vseguip gmail com wrote:
> > >         you need to grab ORBit2 and work out why no-one else is seeing the
> > > message - cf. ORBit2/src/orb/orb-core/* somewhere or perhaps
> > > ORBit2/linc/src/*
>         Nah - I mean why other C apps are not seeing the message - why doesn't
> eg. 'evolution' itself see it.

I can actually make the message disappear by putting a "sleep(1)" 
before the function
bonobo_debug_shutdown(). Could it be some sort of race condition that
only hits us when we exit in some special way (it sometimes doesn't
print the statement even if I don't put the sleep, specially if it's
the first time I exec the program) or when we don't use the
bonobo_main loop ?

> >  I really don't have the knowledge needed to look that far inside.
> > Could it be a leak in e-d-s that causes it to shutdown incorrectly?
>         Unlikely - it's possible the error is triggered when there is unflushed
> data in the outgoing socket buffers - I've no idea - it's been a long
> while since I wrote/read that code. It's not black magic though - read
> it yourself, I gave you the code pointers.

Ok, I will  try to take a look at it.

  V. Seguí

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