Re: [Evolution-hackers] What is CAMEL_PROVIDER_IS_EXTERNAL?

On Thu, 2005-08-11 at 12:05 +0200, Jules Colding wrote:
> Hi,
> What does the subject flag really mean? 

> The header comment says that the folder is present in the folder tree,
> but not created by the camel provider. Does this exclude the provider
> from creating folders or does it just mean that there are folders on the
> remote server which are not created by the provider, although others
> could be created by the provider on the server?

Just another hack for a very old version of connector.  Don't use it.
It doesn't do anything anymore anyway.

Connector used to add 'mail' folders to the shell's tree directly, and
then the mailer would be told to open them directly from resource url's.
That went out after and including 2.0.

> I am also slightly confused by the "CAMEL_URL_*" flags. A flag like e.g.
> "CAMEL_URL_AUTH_HIDDEN". What is hidden authentication really?
> Does "HIDDEN" imply "NEED"?

Most of camel-provider is used to drive the interface - in version 1.0.
It is very archaic, just copy one that looks about right (e.g. imap
probably) and ask questions if you can't work it out.

Hidden is therefore a ui context ...

As to your last question:

#define CAMEL_PROVIDER_ALLOWS(prov, flags) (prov->url_flags & (flags |
#define CAMEL_PROVIDER_NEEDS(prov, flags) (prov->url_flags & (flags <<
#define CAMEL_PROVIDER_HIDDEN(prov, flags) (prov->url_flags & (flags <<

It doesn't imply needs as such, they're mutually exclusive more or less.

They both imply 'allows'.  Hidden means it will be used in the url and
maintained by the account editor, but not shown anywhere.

You almost certainly don't need it - another hack for connector.

(you may need to dabble with it if a hostname:port+username doesn't
identify your resource, but to be honest i dont know how that works

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