[Evolution-hackers] Perpetual validation error on task detail addition

Good day,

Has anybody encountered this bug [1], with evolution where
details cannot be added to tasks because the form will not allow an
empty Completed Date to be set? I'm using evolution updated to the
Ubuntu repositories up to Aug 13, 1:38 PM Philippine Time.

I've managed to track where the error message is registered to the GUI,
which is at evolution-
(on the section marked Completed Date) -- however it doesn't show how it
is allowed to have an empty value (or the string "None") in the field.
Although even if there is a valid value in the field, it still displays
the "Completed date is wrong" error. What gives?

I would gladly write the patch myself, however I haven't yet understood
how to allow the Date Completed field to contain the value "None" or be
empty _before_ the check using:

!e_date_edit_date_is_valid (E_DATE_EDIT (priv->completed_date)) || 
!e_date_edit_time_is_valid (E_DATE_EDIT (priv->completed_date))

If I can manage to find out how to do it, I'd write the patch myself. :)

TIA, and HTH


[1] - http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=13413
	Perpetual Validation Error when editing Task details
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