Re: [Evolution-hackers] DBus port of EDS

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 18:12 +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Ross Burton writes:
>  > Yes.  Note that there are DBus ports of gnome-vfs and GConf.
> Didn't know that. Cool!

They only exist as branches in CVS, but Nokia sponsored the work on them
for the N770.

>  > That was one of the problems we knew about.  Got any good ideas?
> So the problem is that you want to have identically named headers and
> libraries in two places, and select at configure-time which ones are
> used? Hmm, is this too obvious: use -I switches pointing to either
> directory (and use just a filename on the #include "" lines), ditto
> for -L?

That is one solution, but force code to include "e-book.h" rather than
"libebook/e-book.h".  I like the latter as it makes it clear where the
code is coming from, but I suppose the file names are generally good at
that anyway (all files in libebook/ are e-book-*.c).  This is a lo-fi
solution but maybe its the best.

>  > (oh, and can I convince you to port SJ to win32? :)
> SJ? (frantic googling...) Sound Juicer? My multimedia-fu is rather
> weak, sorry...

Yes, Sound Juicer.  Now that I've obtained world domination in the Linux
desktop land, I'd like to see how well it works in Windows. :)

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