[Evolution-hackers] DBus port of EDS

Ross Burton writes:
 > As some of you will know, recently I've been working on porting EDS to
 > use DBus instead of Bonobo.

Nice! I will then have to start working on the DBus to Win32 port
again. (Haven't looked at it since February or so. It did seem to work
rather well at that time on Win32, but in the meantime there has
obviously been lots of changes in DBus.)

(Hmm, I guess Evolution will still be using bonobo indirectly through
libgnome, gnome-vfs or whatnot, though?)

 > The best solution we've though of so far is to rename libebook to
 > libebook-bonobo and at configure time create a symlink called libebook
 > which points at the right implementation.

That won't work for building Evo on Win32, as there are no symlinks ;-( 


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