[Evolution-hackers] DBus port of EDS


As some of you will know, recently I've been working on porting EDS to
use DBus instead of Bonobo.  This has been quite successful and I've
been using a DBus addressbook and calendar for some time now in

The source code can be browsed at http://svn.o-hand.com/view/eds-dbus/.
Change /view/ to /repos/ to do a checkout.

Obviously at some point I'd love these changes to be upstreamed so that
I don't have to maintain a fork of the code.  I've spoken to Harish in
the past and he thinks this would be a good thing, but I'd like to see
what the rest of the developers thing, and to get some feedback on some
source code layout issues.

The main problem is the naming of the libebook/ (etc) directories.
addressbook/libebook is the EBook API, using Bonobo.  I've also got
libebook-dbus, which is the same API using DBus.  However, this leads to
a bubble-down effect, as other pieces of code need to include
libebook-dbus in the source tree (this doesn't effect the installed
headers which are still in libebook, just the EDS source tree itself).
The best solution we've though of so far is to rename libebook to
libebook-bonobo and at configure time create a symlink called libebook
which points at the right implementation.  Then the rest of the source
can just include "libebook/" and just works.

Does this seem like a good idea, or is there a better solution I'm
missing?   If we did this in the fork and the fork was merged, the
change would have to be applied to the main EDS repository, so if there
is a cleaner solution I'd like to know sooner rather than later...

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