Re: [Evolution-hackers] Open MIME-Message via file:// URI on commandline for viewing only

One of the beagle guys was looking at this, but due to a complete
mis-representation of what they were after they were directed to a
different approach.

Currently evolution cannot open just a message - it can only open a
message on a folder.  It would be non-trivial to change this.  You could
just use the CORBA remote-access api coming with 2.4 to append a message
to a mailbox, and then view that somehow ...

Infact there is no way to open a 'file' uri anyway, because there are
different backends over different frontends, etc.  Another non-trivial
amount of work required here.

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 10:28 +0200, Karl Pitrich wrote:
> Hi,
> for integration of Evolution in, for instance Document Management
> Systems or Workflow-Based Systems, it is neccessasy that Evolution
> is able to 'view' a MIME Message stored ie. on the local filesystem, (or
> even  WebDAV or HTTP), without actually storing the message in a
> evolution folder.
> Should work like:
>   evolution file:///home/user/mime.msg
> or
>   evolution [http|dav]://user:pass host/path/to/mime.msg
> each which pops up a mail viewer displaying the mail from the
> file/location.
> Up to now, it is possible to export MIME Messages, but import is only
> available using the Wizard and importing to a folder.
> - Is there any way to accomplish this in current Builds?
> - shall i file a bugzilla wishlist entry for it?
> - got any guidelines on implementing that kind of functionality?
>   i assume this would somehow need to bypass libcamel?
>   (i've got a few days of holidays :)
> thank you, greetings,
>  / pit
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