[Evolution-hackers] eds/camel versioning

Hmm, there's some issues with the versioning in libcamel and eds in

Some things are using API_VERSION, some BASE_VERSION, but they don't

None of the libraries have been changed to match the version, i.e.
libcamel is still libcamel-1.2.  So all that soname versioning only
creates dead libraries on our disk, and serves no purpose to users, and
will break things anyway.  e.g. if you have evo 2.4 and evo 2.2
installed, any code you compile against evo 2.2 will actually link with
evo 2.4 libraries, and probably not work.

adfa(evolution-2.4:20087): gtkhtml-WARNING **: cannot find icon:
'stock_insert-url' in gnome 

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