Re: [Evolution-hackers] eds/camel versioning

The evolution-data-server uses BASE_VERSION for packaging related
information (hence eds is 1.3.x) while the camel/libebook/libecal
libraries continue to use API_VERSION which is 1.2 (so pc files and
third party configure scripts remain unaffected). In principle, the goal
was to preserve the API during this release - which we were not too
successful at, though.


On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 14:43 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> Hmm, there's some issues with the versioning in libcamel and eds in
> general.
> Some things are using API_VERSION, some BASE_VERSION, but they don't
> match.
> None of the libraries have been changed to match the version, i.e.
> libcamel is still libcamel-1.2.  So all that soname versioning only
> creates dead libraries on our disk, and serves no purpose to users, and
> will break things anyway.  e.g. if you have evo 2.4 and evo 2.2
> installed, any code you compile against evo 2.2 will actually link with
> evo 2.4 libraries, and probably not work.

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