Re: [Evolution-hackers] evo 1.5 / calendar+tasks not working at all in current snapshots?


On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 11:35 -0400, JP Rosevear wrote:
> Hmm, I'm using the snaps for my primary mailer on 2.1 and not seeing any
> issue.  I would note that the binary name changed to evolution-2.0.  I
> would also make sure you shut down any related running processes.

I checked many things, even tried with a new unix account on the linux
box, and no changes (still with the newest snapshots loaded over red-
carpet under suse 9.1). 

Calendars and Tasks are not working *at all*. If I try to create a new
calendar, the creation window disapear after the [ok], with no error
message. No way to create tasks or appointments... 

On the other hand, contacts seems to work fine... Funny thing :)
But I'd really like to use the calendar!

Ah, trying to create a calendar displays this on the STDERR:
"(evolution-2.0:5368): calendar-gui-CRITICAL **: file calendar-setup.c:
line 567 (dialog_to_source): assertion `source != NULL' failed"

If I can do anything else to help, please tell.

 Olivier Müller - PGP key ID: 0x0E84D2EA - Switzerland 
    E-Mail: - AIM/iChat: swix3k

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