[Evolution-hackers] Evolution Development and Branches

Now that the Evolution 2.0.1 work has been merged from the mainline to
gnome-2-8 branches for all modules, the gnome-2-8 branches are the
official place for GNOME 2.8.1/Evolution 2.0.1 work and the mainline is
for Evolution 2.2/GNOME 2.10 work (yes, I know its currently busted, but
that will be fixed shortly).

Patches for GNOME 2.8.1/Evolution 2.0.1 should also be committed to the
mainline.  No other patches can go in unless you talk to me first, with
the following exceptions:

1) NotZed's EPlugin work
2) Fejj's IMAP4 work
3) Toshok's e-d-s loadable module work
4) Owen's gtkhtml printing work
5) Build fixes

However non-maintainers must still apply for patch approval in all
cases, as per usual.  I envision lifting this draconian restriction in 2
weeks or so, possibly less.

JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>
Novell, Inc.

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