[Evolution-hackers] evo 1.5 / calendar+tasks not working at all in current snapshots?

[tried on the [evolution]-ML, but no single reation, maybe that
the correct place is here? :)] 


I'm using an uptodate evo devel snapshot as MUA, and today I wanted to
test its calendar and task manager feature. Strangely, I can't 
do anything there: no way to access my "Personal" Calendar, no way
to create new calendars. Is that normal (yes, it's "-devel", I know that
it's not supposed to be stable all the time) ? Or is it maybe system
related (suse 9.1 in this case) ? 

here some of the installed rpm's:

Maybe is the "old" evolution-data-server not compatible anymore?
(permissions of /opt/gnome/libexec/ are correct, checked that a
minute ago).

Thanks for a short hint & regards :)

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