Re: [Evolution-hackers] "Edit As New Message"

--- Jeffrey Stedfast <fejj ximian com> wrote:

> the rationale is:
> - if it's not sent by you, then you shouldn't be
> editing it

Hmmm.  Ok, I'm trying to understand the concerns here.
 Now, obviously, you'd want to use the (new) sender's
outgoing address -- we are not talking about forging a
message.   What we're basically talking about is like
an inline forward, only without including the headers,
and with the destination filled in with the original
destination (and no "[Fwd:]" prepended to the
subject).  You can accomplish mostly the same thing by
dropping a copy of the message into the Drafts folder
and bringing it up, or cut and pasting (and
saving/reattaching the attachments) (although the
latter may lose formatting).   
Would you have an objection to doing any of these
things as well?  I guess I'm still not understanding
why it is "wrong" to use a message you've received
from someone else as a template for a new message,
especially when it's not hard to do without "Edit As
New", just more inconvenient.

> - evolution's composer is not capable of handling
> all mime structures
> (it's an impossible task)

Ok, that sounds like a fairly compelling reason.  I
can understand that someone might have decided a while
ago, "We don't have the resources to handle this
properly in all cases, therefore we will only edit
messages which we composed" (although, there is the
hole of copying a message to the drafts folder).

Maybe I just need to make sure Evolution gracefully
ignores mime types it can't handle.

> also, there exists an option
> Actions->Forward->Redirect for at least
> some of the needs you brought up.

Yeah but it won't let you change it, which, in many
cases, is the whole point.


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