[Evolution-hackers] Synchronizing with other IMAP accesses


I've finally downloaded, built, and started hacking Evolution, and I
hope to address some outstanding bugs and contribute to the project.

One bug is one I reported last year, but got no resolution on.  I've
seen some similar bugs in Bugzilla that were closed, but I'm not
convinced the problem is fixed.

The issue is that Evolution will not synchronize or refresh the IMAP
message list when another client updates it.  In particular, message
read flags and deleted messages.  I have to go offline, then online to
fix this.  I am using Evo and Cyrus imapd, and Mozilla is the
other client.  (Mozilla, by the way, refreshes itself just fine.) 

I did see a tantalizing reference in the roadmap:  "IMAP rewrite to
improve async server notification handling (IMAP4 camel provider)".  Is
that what this is referring to?

If not, I'd like to look into fixing this, or at least turn it into a
one-click solution.  Where would I start?  Is this far too complex for
an Evolution development newbie to do right?  How does Mozilla do it?
Obviously it seem inefficient to rescan all the emails every few
seconds.  Is there an IMAP asynchronous notification of message changes?
Would I just do a "refresh" (defined as whatever happens when I go
offline then online) every time I see a new email come in?


Eric Ewanco
eje+ at ewanco.com

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