Re: [Evolution-hackers] Bug #127546 Gaim Evolution presence integration.

Thanks for your input, I have a few questions and comments though.

The way it currently works format_message in emformathtmldisplay calls
format_message in emformathtml which actually does the formatting for
header. How should i insert the html code with object tag and class id
into CamelStream. I was considering introducing something like
format_presence/format_header which can be put as virtual functions
and only implemented by emformathtmldisplay or is there a better way
to do this without messing with those internals.

Previously i was using a messageid<->contactid cache. Is that
necessary?? Because while moving over to PObject based display of
presence info, i have also removed the caching code.  The caching code
was implicit in the EMIMPresence which listened to message list->sent
addressbook queries->cached the result->sent presence queries->updated
the html display. Since everything now except the caching part is done
by the new EPresenceIcon, I had removed EMIMPresence and along with it
caching is gone. So what happens now is an addressbook query is
performed for each message displayed.  I can still use caching and is
very simple to implement but is it really needed?

Presence information in contact display which also uses html is
displayed using the uri "internal-contact-uri". It was being used
previously to display contact photos and i modified it to use buddy
icons where available. Should that also be modified to use PObject?

Also as a note, the functions which lookup presence information are
really asynchronous, They may feel synchronous because the time taken
to issue a query to gaim-remote and get back the reply is nearly 5-10
ms. The addressbook lookup for from address itself is ansynchronous. 
Also there is a cache in place (e-util/e-impresence.{c,h} -- this is
where the global variable is used as the cache is common for
mail/addressbook parts) for contactuid<->presence info and actual
query using gaim-remote only takes place if either the information is
not present in the cache or requery is requested explicitly. Recaching
is done to update the cache information periodically and any updated
info is pushed back to the UI for redisplay. This is so that the
presence information displayed does not become outdated. One more
question is -- is caching of presence information needed or what i am
doing above is unecessary? Also should presence information be fetched
from gaim each time it is requesed. Fetching the presence information
currently involves going through all the screen names in the contact,
sending out a query for each and returning the info for all the
screennames. At the time i felt that this was a little too much to be
done for each presence request and caching was better.

I also have a patch to use galago as one of the backend for looking up
presence information. But it currently lacks fetching buddy icons and
also sending out message requests as it is not implemented in galago
itself. The next set of patches will contain that. I will also be
writing a somewhat detailed note on how the different things are
modified in e-text/addressbook/gaim-remote.

Is everyone busy with gnome 2.8  or is there is not much interest in
the bug becuase i have not received any other comments regarding this
patch and also my previous questions on this list went nearly


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 Wow, cool.
 Ok there are some issues with the mail part of the patch, but they
should be fixable fairly easily (well, 'fairly' is relative).
 For starters you've put the formatter in the wrong place, it should
really go only into the display formatter (emformathtmldisplay) - you
don't really care for this information on printouts for example.
 Secondly, you shouldn't be using g_object_set_data to set the
EMIMPresence object onto the formatter - you need to just alllocate it
directly in the EMFormatHTMLDisplay part.
 The other problems are bigger.  And that is the way the presence info
is being passed back and forth.  You're effevtively using a global
variable to set it up, and then expecting it to format right.  This is
just wrong, nothing else does this, so it shouldn't do it either.  Do
not add a new uri type for it.
 If you just want to insert an image, with no interactivity (which
imho you don't want to do), you need to allocate a 'PURI' (pending
uri), and then insert the image using the pending uri "cid" (content
id) as the source.  You'll get a callback when the uri is requested,
and you can do whatever you want there.  You really need to do this
since the actual format_presence function *will* be called from
another thread.  So what you have will likely lead to crashes (unless
somehow your code only calls mt-safe apis).
 You actually probably want to insert a custom widget anyway, in which
case you have to use a PObject (pending object), and that works
similarly.  That way you can do something if the user clicks on it. 
It also lets you do incremental/asynchronous processing easier since
you have more control over it.
 You really also need to make sure all of the backend processing, like
looking up presence and so forth, is asynchronous.  You can't block
the whole mail display whilst you're looking up the presence
information.  The api's you're using look very synchronous.
 The EMIMPresence stuff shouldn't be looking inside the emfolderview
and listening to message list events AT ALL.  It shouldn't need to
know anything about totally unrelated widgets.  It should be totally
self contained.  The api needs a bit of a re-think.  The formatter
needs to drive it completely, including initiating a query and
updating the display when the query returns, etc.  The formatter has
access to the message - currently you're re-loading the message again
for example.  It should also be a proper gobject, so the formatter can
listen to it and re-draw if it needs to.
 Actually the way I would do it is: create a new widget type,
EMPresenceIcon.  In the formatter code in EMFormatHTMLDisplay), insert
an <object> tag with the content-id of a newly-allocated HTMLPObject. 
In the object callback, instantiate the EMPresenceIcon and pass it the
email address as a a constructor argument.  This is all you do in the
formatter.  The EMPresenceIcon fires off a query at this point, and
does nothing else.  When the query comes back it updates itself.  If
it doesn't/and when the widget is destroyed, it just cleans everything
up.  Much simpler, fewer unrelated hooks which break abstraction
layers (i.e. less spaghetti which is a maintenance nightmare), more
efficient (no loading the message twice), and it gives you the option
of making the icon a button you can do other cool things with.
 You also have c99 stuff all over the place, you must define all of
your variables in the declaration block before any statements occur
(i.e. no in-line variable declarations).  Apart from a standard we
just use for portability - it makes the code a lot easier to maintain
going forward (some might argue about that, but believe me it makes a

 On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 03:17 -0400, praveen kandikuppa wrote: 

 Hi, Please refer to the patch posted at The patch implements
all the required features as mentioned on the webpage . I am posting the patch
here as a few issues are left unresolved and i would like to get some
feedback on the patch. The following issues are unresolved and i would
really like some help solving them. No presence information is added
to the contact editor. I was not sure where exactly to add. I asked
this particular quetion on the list but nobody replied. Also the
screen names can be edited in the contact editor and hence the
presence information may not always be in sync and i felt that it is
really not needed as the information is automatically updated in the
addressbook view as soon as a contact is modified/added/removed. I
could not make the columns showing presence info in addressbook table
default . Right now you have to right click on the table and add the
column "IM Presence manually". The floating dialog which appears when
you click on presence icons is closed as soon as mouse leaves the
dialog box. Ideally it should stay on as long as the mouse is clicked
outside the dialog box. Any pointers on solving the above two issues
are appreciated. Regarding the contact-editor issue can somebody tell
me where exactly to put the icons/text indicating presence. Other than
what is mentioned above everything mentioned on the webpage is
implemented. The patches for evolution are split as i could not run
the diff properly for the whole evolution directory. The summary of
the changes are -- gaim-remote plugin is now multithreaded so as not
to block the gaim UI. there is a separate library named which can be used to issue presence queries. the
result is conveyed back using callbacks. The library current has API
applicable only to get back buddy information and send gaim uri
requests which were required for evolution. I will probably implement
all the request types as mentioned in remote.h later. EText is
modified to put clickable icons at arbitrary places inside the EText
widget. It is used right now to put icons in TO:,CC:,BCC: fields in
the compoer and also for the Minicard view. HTML display of messages
is modified to include clickable buddy icons indicating the contact
the message is from. Addressbook list view and minicard view are
modified to include presence information. TO, BCC, CC fields are
modified to include presence icons. Select names table is modified to
include presence icons. How to apply patches. there should be 8 patch
files. evolution-addressbook.diff, evolution-art.diff,
evolution-configure.diff, evolution-e-util.diff, evolutio-mail.diff,
evolution-widgets-misc.diff, gal.diff, gaim.diff. The patches can be
applied from within the specific application directories with "patch
-p1 < xxx.diff". For evolution and gal the CVS versions can be used. I
tested them with CVS versions from yesterday. For gaim please use the
latest stable release gaim-0.82.1. The gaim from CVS has changed quite
a lot and i am not even able to compile gaim cvs version on my
computer. So the patch is for the latest stable release. I will modify
it when the gaim CVS becomes stable/when i can compile it. Regarding
icons, 4 of them are needed. buddy-online.png, buddy-offline.png,
buddy-away.png and buddy-none.png. The first three can be gotten from
the page which describes the bounty. The last one is used for a
contact who is online/offline but has no contact photo/buddy icon
associated. Please use any icon for that right now. All the above four
icons must be present in art subdirectory of evolution. Please
test/verify the patch and post back if there are any problems. Also
could somebody tell me if the patch can be posted to evolution-patches
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