[Evolution-hackers] "Blank Reply" feature

I've added a feature to Evolution called "Blank Reply".  Basically, I
normally like quoted replies, but sometimes a message calls for no
quoting.  My previous options were: 

1) do a ctrl-A delete, and lose my
signature; 2) carefully select and delete everything but my signature;
3) select no signature, delete, then turn the signature back on; OR 4)
edit the settings to reply without quoting, hit reply, then edit the
settings again to go back to my desired default.

So I created a "Blank Reply" menu item/hot key to reply just once with
the "Do Not Quote" option.

Is this worth submitting as a patch?  Since it's a UI change, I know I
have to get approval.  There a few issues I see before submitting this:

1) It doesn't cover the reverse case, i.e., my default is no quote, and
I want to quote.  Should we add an option?
2) I did not implement it for em_utils_post_reply_to_message_by_uid.
I'm not sure how this differs from em_utils_reply_to_message and I just
wanted to get it to work for the case I was interested in.
3) I only implemented it for Reply to Sender.  It could get to be a big
mess if I implemented both blank and non-blank replies for sender, list,
and all. 
4) To reduce clutter, I re-organized the now-four menu reply options
into a submenu (like forward).

Thoughts?  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?

Eric Ewanco

eje+ at ewanco.com

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