Re: [Evolution-hackers] eplugin branch, startup-wizard

On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 12:39 -0400, JP Rosevear wrote:
On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 14:18 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> hi orl,
> I just turned off the startup wizard in the plugin branch/to be 2.1
> branch.  It wont work with the new mail config editor, and i'm hoping
> it will be going away anyway.
> Currently at startup evo just starts, and not until you need an
> account (i.e. you hit new mail) does it popup the normal mail-config
> druid.

The one other spot we rely on the mailer having at least one account
that I know of is in the calendar for creating itip meetings (we list
the accounts in an option menu for the user to pick the "organizer" of
their meeting).

Well that code should need to check you have an account anyway.  Even with the startup wizard there's nothing to stop the user deleting all of their email accounts.

This uses a composer right?

I guess we could put a check in the composer factory.

Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
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