[Evolution-hackers] Bug #127546 Gaim Evolution presence integration.

            Please refer to the patch posted at
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=127546. The patch implements
all the required features as mentioned on the webpage
http://www.gnome.org/bounties/IM.html#127546 . I am posting the patch
here as a few issues are left unresolved and i would like to get some
feedback on the patch.

The following issues are unresolved and i would really like some help
solving them.

No presence information is added to the contact editor. I was not sure
where exactly to add. I asked this particular quetion on the list but
nobody replied. Also the screen names can be edited in the contact
editor and hence the presence information may not always be in sync
and i felt that it is really not needed as the information is
automatically updated in the addressbook view as soon as a contact is

I could not make the columns showing presence info in addressbook
table default . Right now you have to right click on the table and add
the column "IM Presence manually".

The floating dialog which appears when you click on presence icons is
closed as soon as mouse leaves the dialog box. Ideally it should stay
on as long as the mouse is clicked outside the dialog box.
            Any pointers on solving the above two issues are
appreciated. Regarding the contact-editor issue can somebody tell me
where exactly to put the icons/text indicating presence.
Other than what is mentioned above everything mentioned on the webpage
is implemented. The patches for evolution are split as i could not run
the diff properly for the whole evolution directory.

The summary of the changes are --
gaim-remote plugin is now multithreaded so as not to block the gaim UI.
there is a separate library named libevogaimremote.so which can be
used to issue presence queries. the result is conveyed back using
callbacks. The library current has API applicable only to get back
buddy information and send gaim uri requests which were required for
evolution. I will probably implement all the request types as
mentioned in remote.h later.

EText is modified to put clickable icons at arbitrary places inside
the EText widget. It is used right now to put icons in TO:,CC:,BCC:
fields in the compoer and also for the Minicard view.

HTML display of messages is modified to include clickable buddy icons
indicating  the contact the message is from.

Addressbook list view and minicard view are modified to include
presence information.

TO, BCC, CC fields are modified to include presence icons.

Select names table is modified to include presence icons. 

How to apply patches.
               there should be 8 patch files.
evolution-art.diff, evolution-configure.diff, evolution-e-util.diff,
evolutio-mail.diff, evolution-widgets-misc.diff, gal.diff, gaim.diff.
The patches can be applied from within the specific application
directories with "patch -p1 < xxx.diff". For evolution and gal the CVS
versions can be used. I tested them with CVS versions from yesterday.
For gaim please use the latest stable release gaim-0.82.1. The gaim
from CVS has changed quite a lot and i am not even able to compile
gaim cvs version on my computer. So the patch is for the latest stable
release. I will modify it when the gaim CVS becomes stable/when i can
compile it. Regarding icons, 4 of them are needed. buddy-online.png,
buddy-offline.png, buddy-away.png and buddy-none.png. The first three
can be gotten from the page which describes the bounty. The last one
is used for a contact who is online/offline but has no contact
photo/buddy icon associated. Please use any icon for that right now.
All the above four icons must be present in art subdirectory of
                            Please test/verify the patch and post back
if there are any problems. Also could somebody tell me if the patch
can be posted to evolution-patches list.

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