Re: [Evolution-hackers] EPlugin problem.[Solved]

> Its really simple, just grep the code for where those functions are
> used.  And look at the camel headers for camel-folder.h to see what
> you can do with a camel folder.

It was indeed very simple (once you had it figured out, heh)

still abit of a work in progress. Exports the mails perfectly, thanks to
em_utils_save_messages(). Though, recursive would be prefered. But i
figgured, it wouldnt be to hard to figure out howto do, since it would
be doing the same, on the subfolders as well... and since
em-folder-tree.c would contain a check on wether or not the folder has
subfolders, i would be able to use that. 

Thanks for the help, Not Zed


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