[Evolution-hackers] EPlugin problem.

Hey Evo-hackers!

Just wanted to say that i think the EPlugin platform is a great idea! It
Should more easily attract non-hackers to add plugins. It sortof feels
less intimidating, creating "only a plugin" instead of "hacking the main


void org_gnome_export_mail_folder (EPlugin *ep, EMPopupTargetFolder

org_gnome_export_mail_folder (EPlugin *ep, EMPopupTargetFolder *target) 

that would, when rightclicking a mail folder choosing my menu-item,
giving me a output with the URI=<the folder i rightclicked> in uri
format in stdout.

As i understand it (and have gotten it explained before.. ) every
file/folder manipulation is done with camel functions. 

My plan for my plugin was to create a exporter plugin (copy it to your
harddrive at a other location..)
While hackfest was running, i asked in the channel about it, got tip
about using these 2 functions : 

em_utils_save_messages (GtkWidget *parent, CamelFolder *folder,
GPtrArray *uids)

mail_get_folder (const char *uri, guint32 flags,
                 void (*done)(char *uri, CamelFolder *folder, void
                 void *data, EThread *thread)

But, i really cant solve this puzzle, how to get use of those functions,
with the little info i have. I only have the uri as i see it...

Sorry for beeing hard to help or something, i still appreciate it :)
(dont know, missunderstandings could have been made, im not really a
good explainer, but most likely its shit behind this keyboard.. lol)


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