Re: [Evolution-hackers] EPlugin problem.

On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 02:45 +0200, smurfd wrote:
Hey Evo-hackers!

Just wanted to say that i think the EPlugin platform is a great idea! It
Should more easily attract non-hackers to add plugins. It sortof feels
less intimidating, creating "only a plugin" instead of "hacking the main


void org_gnome_export_mail_folder (EPlugin *ep, EMPopupTargetFolder

org_gnome_export_mail_folder (EPlugin *ep, EMPopupTargetFolder *target) 

that would, when rightclicking a mail folder choosing my menu-item,
giving me a output with the URI=<the folder i rightclicked> in uri
format in stdout.

As i understand it (and have gotten it explained before.. ) every
file/folder manipulation is done with camel functions. 

My plan for my plugin was to create a exporter plugin (copy it to your
harddrive at a other location..)
While hackfest was running, i asked in the channel about it, got tip
about using these 2 functions : 

em_utils_save_messages (GtkWidget *parent, CamelFolder *folder,
GPtrArray *uids)

mail_get_folder (const char *uri, guint32 flags,
                 void (*done)(char *uri, CamelFolder *folder, void
                 void *data, EThread *thread)

But, i really cant solve this puzzle, how to get use of those functions,
with the little info i have. I only have the uri as i see it...

Whats the first argument of mail_get_folder?  Its a uri isn't it?

Whats the second argument of the done callback, its a CamelFolder.

Sorry for beeing hard to help or something, i still appreciate it :)
(dont know, missunderstandings could have been made, im not really a
good explainer, but most likely its shit behind this keyboard.. lol)

Its really simple, just grep the code for where those functions are used.  And look at the camel headers for camel-folder.h to see what you can do with a camel folder.

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