Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: Evolution string-freeze breakage

Hi Kjartan,

Today at 23:09, Kjartan Maraas wrote:

> man, 11,.10.2004 kl. 22.26 +0200, skrev Danilo Šegan:
>> That would be best for 2.8.1 from translation POV I suppose. If you
>> don't consider it a major problem in usability from Evo side of
>> things, that's what I'd like to see.
> I read your earlier message on this subject as being ok with keeping
> things as they are now for this release since there's shortage of time
> and since quite a few translations had been updated already.

Well, that's what I said at first.  But JP seemed to indicate that
they have enough time to revert this, and talked about what will
happen if strings are removed.  I'm not really familiar with the
extent of the unexpected behaviour this will cause (and how common
this misbehaviour will be), so if neither Christian nor you answered,
I wanted to let JP know that it's mostly up to him.

(Also, 11 translations is not really 'quite a few' considering we have
43 supported languages, but it's a respectable number, all things

> I don't want to approve a change if people don't agree with it, but
> reverting will cause some work and if it's supposed to be released today
> I'm not sure we've got time.

These were completely new strings, i.e. old strings have stayed in
AFAICT.  This means that removing them now means that even updated
translations won't suffer (i.e. they will stay complete if they're
complete now).  That's why I don't mind even removing them
completely at this stage.  I see no regressions, but I may be wrong.

So, it all depends on evaluating impact of the bug.  I never wanted
to present myself as the authority, since that's what you represent. :)
I just gave some options to JP, since he's looking for a quick

Now that you have had your say, I don't doubt JP will follow your


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