Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: [gene-pool] String freeze breaks in Evolution parts

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 02:19 +0200, Christian Rose wrote:
> lör 2004-10-02 klockan 13.41 skrev Danilo Šegan:
> > It seems this string-freeze break was not reverted nor was more info
> > supplied (which Christian asked for).  Can we have a bit more
> > cooperation from Evolution hackers in the future?
> I'd very much like to second that, just to make it clear.
> When we ask for more info about a problem related to a string freeze, we
> do need it and would want to have it asap, in order to make an informed
> decision about whether it's worth everyone's effort in breaking the
> freeze or not. If such information isn't provided, any such string
> freezes cannot be accepted. If there aren't bug reports with additional
> info filed for a problem, and if there cannot be made any arguments as
> to why the bug is important, then naturally the bug doesn't pass even
> the first test for freeze acceptance.

So there were 3 string questions in question, I responded at the time
saying two of the string changes were just accelerator additions
(buttons that didn't have accelerators) and could be reverted at your
discretion (we could dig up the bug numbers, but they boil down to
"button X has no accelerator).  When we looked at reverting these on our
own just before 2.0.1, we saw some translators had already translated
the strings and left them alone (also knowing that 2.0.2 would be our
release for GNOME 2.8.1 anyhow).  The other change, re-using a string
(64974) we should have followed up on, it just got missed but we'll sort
it for 2.0.2.

> I realize it's the first time around for the Evolution hackers to have
> to play by the GNOME D&DP freezes, but I'm still confident that the
> situation and freeze obeyance will improve. Right?

I'm not sure what needs improving, after this time we've submitted all
string changing patches for approval to gnome-i18n gnome org as far as I
know (we didn't before because we didn't know we needed to as explained
in my email at the time).


JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>
Novell, Inc.

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