[Evolution-hackers] Re: [gene-pool] String freeze breaks in Evolution parts

It seems this string-freeze break was not reverted nor was more info
supplied (which Christian asked for).  Can we have a bit more
cooperation from Evolution hackers in the future?


On September 17th, Christian Rose wrote:

> fre 2004-09-17 klockan 11.36 skrev Danilo Šegan:
>> So, I went to the trouble of actually checking what was approved, and
>> I didn't find anything except for "translator-credits", which was
>> already in.
> True. This is the only Evolution string freeze break that has been
> approved so far IIRC.
>> > The second, Danilo, is that we didn't realized this requirement until
>> > after we'd committed a few string change for 2.0.1.  Two of the string
>> > changes add accelerators, if this is an issue we can revert that.
>> Well, it's not for me to decide.  This, like every other string change
>> during string-freeze, needs to be weighted in terms of what it
>> improves, and is it worth the trouble of 50+ translators who'd have
>> to update their translations?  FWIW (and it ain't much), my opinion
>> is that these are not important enough.  Unless we hear from a11y
>> folks, of course.
> I'd really like to see the patches that did this before giving any
> retroactive string freeze approval. Are there any relevant bug reports
> or patch numbers for these changes?
>> > The third string is a work around for the fact that GtkFileChooser can only
>> > chooser a directory or a file, unlike GtkFileSel which could do both at
>> > the same time.
>> Seems to be http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=64974
> [...]
>> There's already another message in Evolution which might be used
>> instead of "Select individual file":
>> #: shell/e-shell-importer.c:643
>> msgid "Select a file"
>> If this message seems suitable, it would be way easier for
>> translators if you used this string instead, so they don't have to
>> update their translations at all.
> I'd like to second Danilo's suggestion. If changing the new string in
> this patch to the already existing "Select a file" string would be
> possible, the patch would need no string freeze approval at all, since
> all existing translations would automatically be reused. It would
> technically from the translator POV not be considered as a new string at
> all.
> Christian

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