Re: [Evolution-hackers] webcalendars

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 12:09 +0200, Ron Smits wrote:
> Playing some more with a nice little server I was able to create several
> dynamic webcalendars each containing between 50 and 100 events in two
> days. Subscribing to 7 of these with evolution was a breeze. With the
> patch that Rodrigo made scrolling thru these, switching views and going
> between the days is very fast indeed. To see how 7 tv guides look in
> evolution check out A picture
> says more then a thousand words :).
> Two things I noticed.
> 1 the server always puts out a X-WR-CALDESC and an X-WR-CALNAME like
> this:
> PRODID://TvGuide NOSGML Calender //
> This is not always honored. Meaning that sometimes when subscribing it
> will tell me "no description" and shows me the name of the calendar as
> (this is the name used in the URL). And sometimes it
> will use the name and description. As it is the same method that puts it
> there I was wondering why.

Please file a bug against "Evolution Webcal" in for this, and provide webcal:// links to
these calendars, some that fail, and some that don't, and I will look
into the problem more.

> 2 when you subscribe to a webcal, unsubscribe and then subscribe again
> without shutting down the eds it will not redisplay the calendar. You
> need to do a --force-shutdown and restart evolution to display it again.

Sounds like this might be a bug in the way caching works in e-d-s.
Please file a bug in against e-d-s for this
one. Thanks.

-- dobey

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