[Evolution-hackers] webcalendars

Playing some more with a nice little server I was able to create several
dynamic webcalendars each containing between 50 and 100 events in two
days. Subscribing to 7 of these with evolution was a breeze. With the
patch that Rodrigo made scrolling thru these, switching views and going
between the days is very fast indeed. To see how 7 tv guides look in
evolution check out http://www.ronsmits.org/Screenshot-2.png. A picture
says more then a thousand words :).

Two things I noticed.
1 the server always puts out a X-WR-CALDESC and an X-WR-CALNAME like
PRODID://TvGuide NOSGML Calender //
This is not always honored. Meaning that sometimes when subscribing it
will tell me "no description" and shows me the name of the calendar as
36.tvgids.nl.ics (this is the name used in the URL). And sometimes it
will use the name and description. As it is the same method that puts it
there I was wondering why.

2 when you subscribe to a webcal, unsubscribe and then subscribe again
without shutting down the eds it will not redisplay the calendar. You
need to do a --force-shutdown and restart evolution to display it again.

any comments on this?

In remembrance -- http://www.ronsmits.org

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