Re: [Evolution-hackers] posting to folders

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 22:16, Not Zed wrote:
> > >
> > > Agreed, but another api is still needed for cross posting.
> > 
> > yea, I suppose it would. What if NNTP just implemented the Transport
> > interfaces?
> Well they're really only for sending to rfc822 addresses I guess. 
> i.e. how are we going to route the right addresses to the right
> transport?

good point... I suppose that as a hack, we could just use an empty list
of recipients for NNTP (no To/Cc/Bcc) and let the NNTP transport extract
the Newsgroups header itself to figure out where it needs to go.

this isn't a a beautiful solution tho :(

> I guess its an idea though, but the proposed interface isn't really
> much more than having the same interface on a store.
> I don't think this would make sense unless we just got rid of
> CamelTransport entirely and just having it as virtual methods and
> capability bits on CamelStore?

I'm not really following why we need to merge the 2 objects. of course,
it's late and I'm tired so maybe I'm just not seeing the obvious :-)

>   Could this simplify the store is also a transport issue?(or if we
> had interfaces on camelobjects and did it that way instead).

Well, it'd likely reduce the boilerplate code. I'm not really sure how
else it would simplify anything tho...


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