Re: [Evolution-hackers] mark as junk or non junk

On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 23:40 +0800, Not Zed wrote:

> Rodo,
> Can you please just put the code in camel-folder-sync as i suggested, as
> a single function call to a function which does the work.  The important
> thing at this stage is to make the api more consistent, which at
> present, it is not.
> We can worry about how immediate the changes are later, but for now we
> just have to fix the problem in the original code.

the problem wasn't in the original code, but was introduced with your
changes. I know that the original code had other problems as well.

> I'm not discussing this further at this point.

I hope you will later find some time to read my other mail with proposed
solution. It includes the folder sync part as well.


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