[Evolution-hackers] mark junk/not junk problem

Hi Michael,

I have thought more about mark junk/not junk problem and I think this
solution might work well:

UI thread:
      * put real folder reference and msg's uid (in that folder) to
        array we pass to learn_junk thread
      * set/reset junk+learn flags
      * e_thread_put learn_junk thread

      * get CamelMimeMessage with uid from folder we get
      * if we get the message and it has the learn flag then reset the
        flag and call report

folder sync:
      * check all messages in folder summary and for those with learn
        flag reset the flag and call report
      * remove learn flag from them

Like this it will not delay the learning until the folder sync time. In
case the learn junk thread will not get the msg from folder, it will
ignore it and it will be handled in folder sync. (later, or sooner).

I think it should be OK to pass the folder reference to the learn_thread
as we pass one folder reference already. It might need some additional
API in camel-vee-folder to get the orig folder uid (like
camel_message_info_uid(mi) + 8).


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