[Evolution-hackers] Can evolution meet the GNOME 2.6 schedule?

There is some concern that the development (1.5) version of evolution might
not be quite ready for GNOME 2.6. Some GNOME developers have suggested that
it is not yet ready for everyday use. I'm not using it personally yet, so I
can't comment on any specific bugs. 

The GNOME release-team sees that there is almost unanimous support for
adding evolution to the GNOME Desktop release set, particularly with the
opportunities that evolution-data-server offers. But at the moment, we are
leaning towards saying "Evolution is in GNOME 2.6, but we see a risk of it
being punted to GNOME 2.8 if we later see that it is not quite ready." We
did the same thing for Totem last time.

So, what do the evolution maintainers think? We'd prefer not to say "but we
see a risk of ..." if that's actually not true.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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