Re: [Evolution-hackers] shamsi calendar support (was: gui)

Am Montag, den 02.08.2004, 04:00 -0700 schrieb Amir Hossein payberah:
> I attached shamsi calendar code,
> u can see its detail,
> so, how can i merge it evolution and how
> can i change gui to use this shamsi calendar,
> thanks again

hi amir,

the code you've attached seems to be totally uncommented and has nothing
to do with any evolution calendar code at the moment... sigh.
to me it seems more like a date converter then a calendar (to avoid any
misunderstandings: this isn't meant offending, my impression can also be
based on my non-existing knowledge of the language c :-).

so there isn't an easy answer to your question "how can i merge them".
you have to check out the evolution code *yourself*, and try to
*understand* how things work in evolution.
no-one will have the time and the motivation to read and understand the
entire code you have attached as a file, it's much more simple if you
could give a quick plan what has to be done *in words*.
you will definitely have to take a deep look into the evolution code
first, there won't be anyone guiding you through this, but this mailing
list is always open and helpful for questions regarding concrete coding
answers, so don't hesitate to ask them.

in my opinion, i'd be very happy to see other calendars like shamsi
integrated into evolution,

good luck,


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