Re: [Evolution-hackers] sync vs async in invokations of sa-learn

On Tue, 2004-08-10 at 18:17 +1000, Andrew Cowie wrote:
I know that you hold up updates to the UI when processing and learning
junk, and understand why.*

However, it's obvious in evolution/mail/em-junk-filter.c that someone
took enormous effort to separate the act of injecting messages vi sa-
learn from having sa-learn rebuild it's databases. (ie, use of --no-
rebuild when learning, and then later a call to sa-learn with --

It would seem that the later action [em_junk_sa_commit_reports()] could
happen in the background asynchronously. There's no need for the UI to
wait for that as well, is there?
Well there are definitely possibilities for improvement in the code.  We also wanted to batch up processing, although i can't remember if we managed to do that either.  Infact all of the sa-learn and commit-reports could be sub-threaded since it is only the setting of the flags and the like which is important to the ui, which only requires the test.
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