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--- Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo novell com> wrote:

I attached shamsi calendar code,
u can see its detail,
so, how can i merge it evolution and how
can i change gui to use this shamsi calendar,
thanks again


> On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 21:16 -0700, Amir Hossein
> payberah wrote:
> > Hi Andre,
> > yes, you are right, i've written shamsi calendar
> > and i want to merge it to evolution, and i want
> > to change the gui to get ability to every body 
> > to select his/her favorite calendar (shamsi or 
> > another one),
> > 
> we still more information. How have you written that
> shamsi calendar?
> How could it be used in evolution?
> We know almost nothing about that shamsi calendar,
> so we can help you
> with the code integration, but we need to know how
> you have implemented
> the shamsi calendar so that we know how it can be
> integrated.
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