Re: [Evolution-hackers] evolution-exchange KRB error

> Now I can access work email from home.  I am most impressed too, it
> looks superb, a little buggy in places (i.e. the back end keeps dying)
> but still... :)
> Is it worth me writing a patch that handles this error and puts up a
> dialog of some sort to tell the user why things are failing? or do you
> take it for granted that the GNUTLS stuff would be installed for
> libsoup?

I think doing GUI for this is overkill - the only users likely to have
problems are the ones who compile it themselves, and for them a
configure warning in the evolution-exchange module, or a more
descriptive runtime g_warning(), is the farthest I'd go.

I'm a lot more interested in patches or backtraces for the crashes
you're experiencing :)

Hans Petter

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