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this actually should have gone to -hackers, not -patches...

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When an ldap search is truncated (either because the result set was
larger than the client max-results setting, or because the result set
was larger than the server was willing to send), we pop up a dialog that
says "Unable to perform search.".

This is the same dialog that we pop up when there's an actual error that
keeps the user from seeing entries.  In the truncation case, though, the
query works - the user just isn't getting all the results.  It's a
little misleading to say we were unable to perform a search when there
are actual results in the view.

How about changing that dialog to say something like "Some results not
shown".  The secondary text is good, in my opinion, and can remain.. the
primary text, though, needs changing in this instance.

screenshot attached.



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