[Evolution-hackers] Relating async queries and answers in e-d-s

Hi guys!

I am coding the planner resource importer for e-d-s and now I am trying
to make all the queries async in the importer in order the GUI could
work in the waiting response time.

My problem is that I let the user to cancel async queries son I need to
drop some asyn answers if the user has cancelled them.

I understand that it could be nearly imposible to offer a cancel async
query, because I suppose async queries will be a best effort remote

What I need is some way to associate the async query id that returns

guint last_query_id = e_book_async_get_contacts  (client, query,
eds_receive_contacts_cb,(gpointer) plugin);

with the answer I receive in:

static void
eds_receive_contacts_cb (EBook         *book, 
			 EBookStatus    status, 
			 GList         *contacts, 
			 gpointer       plugin)

I can't put the query_id in the gpointer so if the query_id doesn't come
with the async answer, how can I relate async queries and answers?

I am nearly finishing the GPL resource importer for Planner and I will
announce it when it is released you can take a look ;-)

If someone is interested in the actual code, just ask for it.


-- Alvaro

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